TotalHR for Starbuilder

Tackling the Day-to-Day Challenges of Human Resources Management

Your job isn’t just tracking statistics and processing payroll anymore. You’re part of the business planning team. You’re expected to strategize ways to recruit and retain a quality workforce who can help your company achieve its goals. With the increasing complexity of benefit and tax administration, your software needs to be more sophisticated, more efficient and more effective than ever before. Our team of experienced professionals works in tandem with your project team every step of the way, from project planning to file conversion and customized programming. From on-going telephone or web support to remote diagnostics, we work continuously to help you meet your goals.

The best of breed HRMS
TotalHR helps you wrestle with the day-to-day challenges of human resources management. The power and flexibility of TotalHR provides organizations with the ability to off-load tasks from costly hardware platforms, proprietary systems and service bureaus onto a client server environment without loss of functionality.


  • Produce professional-looking reports with control over text, graphics and layout
  • Generate any of over 100 standard reports in the Reports Library including government required reports: EEO, VETS, OSHA, FMLA, I-9
  • Clone and edit standard reports
  • Easily organize reports by user-defined category
  • Add a detailed description to reports for easy identification
  • Further define report options like selection and sort criteria
  • Create ad hoc reports with Crystal Reports
  • Create output files in multiple formats
On-line help
  • Reference over 2000 topics of context-sensitive and “how to” help
  • Customize help with organizational policies and procedures
  • Leave “how to” windows open as a reference while completing the task
Customization tools
  • Add user fields to screen
  • Create new screens
  • Use formulas to pull data together for user defined calculations
  • Restrict access to the application, menus, functions, fields, windows and reports
  • Limit access based on field values
  • Prevent the editing of data fields
  • Define security at the group level to restrict data access based on departments, cost centers, etc.
  • Hide field values on screens
  • Create reports from a SQL view to respect front end security


TotalHR saves you time and money, improves accuracy and makes you more efficient. All of this in easy-to-use software that handles your Payroll and Human Resource needs.
Cost Effectiveness
TotalHR is cost effective to implement and maintain.
Data Reliability
In many cases, 40% of the data used by Payroll and Human Resources is identical. Sharing data between these two systems eliminates data entry redundancy and discrepancies.
With multi-level security, you can restrict data access to those who need it. A detailed audit trail that shows who looked at what, who changed which piece of data and when, ensures you can immediately trace a problem to its source.
Help when you need it
Obtain immediate assistance to procedural or functional questions with the ability to leave instructions on-screen for guidance. Because you can customize help with your policies and procedures, you eliminate the cost and headache of maintaining paper-based procedural manuals.
Extend TotalHR employee data, user interface and processing power so you can maintain your company’s best practices, meet all your system requirements and increase accuracy. You can easily add and edit formulas, reports and interfaces to external systems. Your modifications to formulas and reports will remain intact even after applying the latest upgrade.
Minimal implementation stress
With TotalHR, a successful implementation comes quickly and results are rapidly realized. TotalHR implementation averages 120 days. When compared with typical implementations ranging 6-12 months, cost savings are significant.
Microsoft tools and standards
Built with powerful Microsoft tools, it’s easy to integrate TotalHR with other applications.


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