Intellichief is the newest Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system from Infor that works with Starbuilder. ECM is crucial to your business: if your team doesn’t have access to the documents they need – when and where they need them – valuable resources are wasted while they search. If your processes for controlling the entry, routing, approval, management and storage of Subcontractor and Supplier invoices are lacking, this could be costing you a great deal of money. With IntelliChief’s document management software, you’ll have a simpler and more intuitive way to securely store, share, and access your documents electronically. Intellichief keeps all your paperwork – from invoices and purchase orders to legal agreements and employee records – easily accessible. IntelliChief seamlessly integrates with StarBuilder, allowing you to get more out of the programs you already have (and understand). It can also monitor an Outlook account, so you’ll have easy access to invoices emailed to your company.
IntelliChief doesn’t just allow you to electronically store and retrieve documents; it can help you:
  • Reduce manual data entry by quickly and accurately importing data with OCR
  • Secure early payment discounts from vendors with invoice automation
  • Get paid faster with sales order automation
  • Simplify audits by organizing records in an electronic document repository
  • Adhere to federal record retention requirements by automatically deleting documents at the end of their lifecycle
  • Avoid processing delays by immediately routing documents from one recipient to the next
  • Modernize your approach to HR with electronic employee records
For companies using Viewpoint’s unsupported Chamelon software, import functionality is available to import your existing documents and indices into Intellichief.
The less your team has to do manually, the more efficient your business – and the better your bottom line. Want to immediately capture documents as soon as they appear in your email? Need to give employees mobile access so they can approve documents from anywhere? You can confidently choose IntelliChief as a long-term partner for Enterprise Content Management.


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