Infor Construction offers rich functionality tailored to meet the unique demands of the industry. An integrated construction management and accounting solution, Infor Construction provides the accurate information you need to manage your business more efficiently and profitably. Infor Construction is a locally hosted or cloud-based solution that lets construction businesses digitize their entire operations, as well as expand into property management roles. Infor Construction offers embedded business intelligence and analytics, simplified navigation, and enhanced security and SaaS capabilities to help businesses manage the entire building process from foundation to fit-out.

Infor Construction customers perform large and multi-faceted projects across the private and public sectors. The robust solution offers construction businesses enhanced financial management with on-demand centralized data, role- and user-based secure access, simultaneous cash- and accrual-based accounting, and real-time insight into operational accounts receivable. Other features include job cost accounting, purchase order management and service request modules, and an interactive map that acts as a visual guide to filter by region, state or project. A true multi-company solution, Infor Construction streamlines financial reporting across multiple entities.

Infor’s cloud-based property management and construction applications are designed to deliver industry-specific capabilities without the need for extensive customizations. Its cloud-based architecture means businesses benefit from automatic software upgrades that continuously improve functionality, and users can access data and meet complex reporting requirements while working seamlessly from any device.

For companies who require both construction and property management solutions, Infor Construction offers a robust system that addresses both these sectors. “Construction companies are calling for new, collaborative ways of working that break down silos across different business units and let them expand into complex property management roles,” says Bill Vellante, Infor vice president and general manager. “We are delighted to unveil Infor Construction and Property Management as a single platform that bridges this gap and leverages cloud technology to unlock data-driven insights and opportunities for construction businesses to refine and diversify their operations.”


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