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D. Miller Associates, a full-service computer company located in Deale, MD, has successfully been helping and supporting home and home office computer users for over 30 years. We provide custom-built desktops; sell and service laptops; configure and install networks; and repair, upgrade, and refurbish computers of all types.

“What sets our office apart from the big box stores or ordering online is not just that you can get a top-of-the-line business-grade computer system right here in Deale for an excellent price, but the exceptional customer service and support we provide,” says company president David Miller. “Our local technicians are highly qualified and care about your home and office computer needs.”

While businesses may have in-house IT staff to support their employees, home and home office computer users usually do not. We can provide you with the same expert professional IT services that businesses rely on, ensuring that you and your family remain productive even when the technology so many of us depend on fails to function as expected.

D. Miller Associates provides answers and advice you can rely on and understand. We’re experts at transferring your settings to your new computer and making sure that your new computer is properly configured with up-to-date security software. We can help prevent and remove the ransomware and scareware software that is becoming increasingly more prevalent and costly to businesses and consumers. We clean the inside of your computer and install any necessary Windows updates, reseat the accessory cards and check for other problems. We have the ability to remotely access your PC at your request and help solve problems and can provide backup assistance with both local and cloud-based backups. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to obtain professional computer services; all you have to do is call us.


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